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Mibo is a design practice established by Madeleine Rogers in 2001. Madeleine's work ranges between illlustration, graphic and communication design. Her award winning DIY paper animals are aimed to counter the drift from children's real life activities to screen based ones. Constructing the animals uses vital motor skills (such cutting, scoring and gluing) which are just not achievable through screen based play. The sets of animals also provide an opportunity to talk about the challenges facing many species and to that end

Mibo partnered with WWF in 2014 to create a set of critically endanged animals. In 2015 Madeleine built on this work and co-authored and illlustrated series of non-fiction books aimed at very young children. The books celebrate very popular animals such as lions and tigers, but place them firmly where they should belong, in their natural habitats, as opposed to the zoos and circuses so often conveyed in childrens books and products.

Madeleine also works with the French brand Coq en Pate on their mission to educate and fundraise through their responsibly produced childrenswear. She is currently developing more arts based activities which aim to help address some of the urgent issues surrounding the climate crisis.

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