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Every adventure has a story.

After his studies and different jobs, Nik embraced his entrepreneurial spirit by starting a small snowboarding company together with a friend. This great experience, and the knowledge he had gained, encouraged him to follow one of his other passions, vegan food.

In 2010, with great enthusiasm, Nik opened VEGO Foodworld, a VEGAN and Organic Fast Food Restaurant in his home town, Berlin. The restaurant became very popular among Berliners and international guests.

Always on the lookout for new vegan recipes and products, Nik determined that the vegan scene was still missing really good vegan chocolate, and therefore set out to change it. Together with chocolatiers from his home away from home, Italy, they developed the VEGO Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar, “probably the biggest and tastiest vegan chocolate bar in the world“.

The VEGO bar quickly grew popular in Germany and then, step by step, in other countries, too.

In 2017, with a heavy heart, Nik decided to close the restaurant, so that we could put all of our energy into the development and distribution of the chocolate.

VEGO today is a recognized and trusted worldwide brand with a growing range of products.

“Always stand firmly behind what you believe in and inspire your fellow human beings”.

VEGO Good Food GmbH is 100% independent, owned and founded by Jan Niklas Schmidt ( Nik ). Free at heart, VEGO has managed to grow organically and to stay strongly independent.

Vegan, Organic, Fairtrade, Innovative & Highest Quality

VEGO is a vegan company, so all their products are, and always will be, vegan. At VEGO, vegan does not only mean bringing an end to animal cruelty but also, producing in an environmentally conscious manner.

All VEGO products are Fairtrade* certified. It is of utmost importance that their products are manufactured under fair conditions, and free from child labour.

VEGO products are made without compromise, with natural ingredients of the highest organic quality.

Social engagement
VEGO donate, at least, 10% of their annual profits to NGO’s whose work they feel strongly about. Throughout the years, they have donated to various organizations that are committed to the fight for Animal Rights, Human Rights and the protection of the environment.

Eco-Friendly packaging
For VEGO, human rights, animal welfare and environmental protection are all equally important and inseparable.

Always on the look-out for alternatives to improve their packaging; since the end of 2020 VEGO no longer use recyclable foil for the VEGO bars, but a fully compostable flow-pack instead! And the VEGO Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Spread comes in a reusable drinking glass.

The Vego team
With the headquarters in Berlin, the team behind the scenes at VEGO is a motivated group of socially engaged individuals.

The team all stand behind the vision and values of VEGO. They are friends working passionately towards the same goals.

Inspired by the Scandinavian working week, on average, the VEGO team all work a maximum of 32 hours a week, so that everybody is fully charged and ready to go.

Fans & Friends
VEGO started small, but thanks to their customers, with every share and positive feedback, they have managed to achieve so much.

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