Age Verification

How Does Online Age Verification Work?

In line with the code of practice published by BSI, the UK's National Standards Body: PAS 1296. 2018 Online age checking - provision and use of online age checks services - code of practice; It is the responsibilty of retailers to ensure they do not sell age-restricted products online to people who are under the minimum legal age. This means setting up effective systems capable of verifying the age of purchasers to ensure they are above the minimum legal age to purchase a product. In order to satisfy the requirements of taking all reasonable precautions and exercising all due dilligence when selling age-restricted products; we utilise the services of AgeChecked. AgeChecked is a BSI: PAS1296 regulated verification service which will ensure our customers are of the legal age to purchase age-restricted items.

Instead of customers manually entering their date of birth or using a tick box to state their age, AgeChecked works behind the scenes, verifying the customer’s age in the background after the order is placed and will provide us with a pass/fail result prior to an order being despatched.

After a customer has completed a purchase and the order includes an age-restricted product; an age verification is carried out in the background using the electoral roll with the customer's address & name supplied for the orders billing address. This check is carried out through AgeChecked (

Successful verifications will result in an email being sent to the customer to comply with GDPR.

Once a customer has been age verified the systems in place at AgeChecked Ltd will recognise any returning customers and therefore another verification will not be required.

Customers’ personal data will be processed by AgeChecked Ltd. Their personal data will not be retained by AgeChecked Ltd.

Failed verifications.

There are two reasons a customer could fail a verification:

This could be due to a lack of information: the information supplied for the order could not be checked, for example; the address does not match the address registered to their payment card or the address data stored on the electoral role.

Underage: when performing the check, the results confirm that the customer is more than likely underage.

When a check fails due to lack of information or potentially being incorrectly identified as underage, we will contact the customer and ask them to supply proof of age (such as a scanned copy of their passport or driving license). We will then be able to process and ship the order providing we are satisfied the customer meets age requirements.

Should a customer fail age verification and it is then determined they are not qualified to be making the purchase, we will contact the customer directly.