Carbon Neutral Delivery

As an online gift shop; we are very conscious of the harmful carbon emissions which are produced when delivering products. By working with Royal Mail, which is a more fuel-efficient delivery organisation, we have partially addressed this. However; in addition we are pleased to announce that all our deliveries are carbon neutral!

Our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the shipments we deliver are calculated by Offset which uses industry models to determine the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere for each shipment, and then charges us an amount per shipment to offset those emissions.

The funds are used to purchase carbon credits, which offset our emissions through deforestation protection projects.

Right now we are supporting the Jari Pará Project in Brazil. This Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) & Social Carbon Standard project conserves a large swath of forest of 513,000 ha (almost twice the size of Luxembourg) that would otherwise have been destroyed. This is a REDD+ project who are on the front line of deforestation in the Amazon today and trying to stop clear-cutting practices causing the loss of so much rainforest.

This is a very biodiverse project, providing shelter to over 2400 flora and fauna species of ecological and social importance. It forms an ecological corridor with several conservation units in its surroundings and also plays an important socio-environmental role in the region serving as home for hundreds of rural families. Through encouraging responsible exploration of natural resources, the Jari Pará project promotes the conservation of natural resources, along with socioeconomic development focused on sustainable business chains to improve the well-being of communities as a result of project activities.