Ethics & Values

Every item in our shop is a gift that gives back in some way. At A Wonderful World we ensure that the products we sell adhere to at least one of these key ethics: Charity Benefiting, Eco-friendly, Educational, Fair Trade, Locally Produced, Health & Wellbeing, Natural, Organic.

Our nature inspired eco-friendly hamper boxes are the perfect way to send your chosen products to the people you love.

Created in a factory that sources it’s energy from renewable sources, and that meets or exceeds the requirements outlined in the EU’s Clean Air Programme. These facilities filter VOCs from the air before it’s released back into the environment.

Our gift hamper boxes are printed using vegetable based inks and made using recycled materials. Completely recyclable, compostable, biodegradable AND more trees were planted than used to produce it!

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Champions Wildlife
Fair trade
Fights Waste
Health & Wellbeing
Made in the UK
Natural Ingredients
Recycled Materials
Supports Charity
Vegan Friendly