Chamomile Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Pyramids - Suki Tea Makers
Chamomile Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Pyramids - Suki Tea Makers

Chamomile Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Pyramids

Suki Tea Makers
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Whole Chamomile Buds.

A herbal tea infusion of 100% pure Chamomile blossom. Suki Tea use the whole heads of the flowers, this gives a cup that delivers much higher quality taste than dusty teabag, a sweet, honey-golden cup Excellent for calming and soothing the mind and body, a natural sleep remedy.

Still a favourite for its soothing qualities, a calming remedy to put you at ease. Sleepy or not, this is a herbal tea that is derived from a daisy like flower head. Suki Tea take the full flower heads to ensure that a full flavour is given. Often enjoyed with honey or lemon and a popular afternoon tea. A Tea in bed type? Try an herbal fruit infusion, not only will you sleep better, and will wake up feeling great.

SUKI pyramids are made from paper, yarn and a special material called Soilon, meaning unlike some traditional teabags, their pyramid teabags are completely natural and plastic-free!

Made from corn starch, Soilon is a naturally derived product that is fully compostable so can be disposed of with food waste collections.

PLEASE NOTE: This tea is caffeine free, however, if you have any concerns about consuming this product whilst pregnant or breastfeeding; please consult your midwife.


INGREDIENTS: Whole chamomile flowers.