Warner's Elderflower Gin 20cl - Warner's
Warner's Elderflower Gin 20cl - Warner's
Warner's Elderflower Gin 20cl - Warner's

Warner's Elderflower Gin 20cl

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Warning: more than 300 elderflowers lost their heads in the making of every bottle.

No wonder it’s got a killer tang.

Keep it fresh with Mediterranean tonic, a sprig of mint and some lemon to make it mega.

40% vol.

What's the story?
This one’s for Tom’s mum, Adele.
She might have headed off to the big gin farm in the sky, but her influence is everywhere.

‘Cause it was Adele who first popped some elderflower petals into a glass of an early Warner’s batch.

It was Adele’s nifty cooking that gave Tom the chutzpah to start mucking around with flavours.

And it was Adele’s own garden that gave inspiration – not to mention ingredients – along the way.

Cheers, Adele.

Not bragging but...

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver 2019, 2016
  • Gin Masters Gold 2018
  • International Wine & Spirits Competition Silver 2018, 2015
  • Spirits Master Silver 2017


Suitable for vegans

INGREDIENTS: Fresh handpicked elderflower, juniper, coriander seed, elderflower, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, angelica root, orange peel, lemon peel, plus a secret ingredient…


Nose: Lovely soft floral elderflower with hints of lychees and some more subtle Juniper.

Palate: A lemony zing mixes wonderfully with the elderflower giving a beautiful smooth mouthfeel like icing sugar with delicate spice and a little vanilla.

Finish: The juniper fades out leaving cardamom and cinnamon with elderflower to give a long finish with a bouquet of floral and spicy flavours lingering softly.